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What is AI4People Summit?

AI4People is the virtual summit to present the 7 AI Global Frameworks. The Summit will draw on the results of the AI4People’s 2020 activity and will engage in discussion leading representatives from the European Commission, the European Parliament, business and academia.


We strive to be novel thinkers. Unconventional ideas and new perspectives are why we are here. We are willing to make big bets on ideas that have not been tried before as we aim to solve the hardest problems of our times. Be yourself and be bold.


We share a passion for impacting the lives of those around us. Sometimes that means speaking up and other times that means stepping aside to create space for other voices. We are committed to showing up and learning from others.


We know that change does not happen overnight. And that is why how we do our work and how we collaborate with others is just as important as what we are seeking to accomplish.


We value each other’s contributions and hold the conviction that only from diverse backgrounds and divergent points of view can we find the best solutions.

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